ChiaoGoo TWIST RedLace Set Small Circular knitting needle set 5" (13cm) (2.75 - 5.00mm)

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Product information

Circular knitting needle set "Twist Small" with 7 interchangeable pairs of needle tips made of stainless steel.

with the smaller needle sizes

- with smooth transitions and secure connections

- with the famous red cables, nylon sheathed steel cables

-  the set can be expanded by purchasing additional needle tips in other sizes and lengths 

- Cables can also be purchased

- With a practical outer compartment in which knitting accessories can be stored

- Carefully made of beautiful fabric and kept in a timelessly beautiful design

- TWIST & SPIN tips and cables and the accessories can be combined with each other (please note: there are different cables for thin and thick needle tips, see the respective product).

- with extensive accessories such as stitch markers, needle gauges and various accessories (see below)


7 pairs of needle points (13cm length)


2.75mm (US 2)

3.25mm (US 3)

3.50mm (US 4)

3.75mm (US 5)

4.00mm (US 6)

4.50mm (US 7)

5.00mm (US 8)


1 cable each in 35cm, 55cm and 75cm in small for the small needle tips up to 5mm.

A real treat for beginners and advanced users!