Chiaogoo circular knitting needle set TWIST RedLace MINIS set - 13 cm - 5 interchangeable tips

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Product information

This set of interchangeable tips comes with the following:

  • gentle transitions between cable and needle point
  • secure connections
  • with the famous red nylon-sheathed steel cables
  • additional needle tips, cables and cables in other sizes and lengths can be purchased, so the set can be extended as desired.
  • comes with a practical net-pouch
  • with extensive accessories such as stitch markers, needle size, red rubber heart for tightening the needle tips and various accessories (see below)
  • Needle Tips are stored in a separate hull, so they are protected
  • Accessories are housed in a small practical white box



5 pairs of needle tips 5” (13cm) length

1.50mm (US 000)

1.75mm (US 00)

2.00mm (US 0)

2.25mm (US 1)

2.50mm (US 1.5)


3 cables in lengths of 24″ (60cm), 32″ (80cm) and 40″ (100cm) 

2 cable key

2 cable end pieces

2 cable connectors

1 Rubber Heart

6 stitch markers

1 needle size

1 transparent needle pouch as well as a small practical white box for the accessories


A real treat for beginners and advanced users!