50% Virgin Wool (RWS certified merino wool)
40% Alpaca Wool
10% Yak

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  • Yarn Length: 50g ~ 150m | 1.75oz ~ 164yds
  • Needle size: 3 mm | 2-3 US | 11 UK
  • Gauge: 24 stitches x 36 rows
  • Usage: Sweater size 38 ~ 400g (8 hanks)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Hank


  • Fibre: Merino (Argentina), Alpaca (Peru), Yak (Mongolia)
  • Spun in Peru

Product Information

Made to Seduce!

This special yarn has been inspired by the spectacular glaciers near the Argentinian town of "El Calafate" where the Calafate berry grows. The Calafate shrub is much more than just an exotic native plant. The berries are at the core of a popular legend in the region: It is said that anyone who eats a Calafate berry, will return to Patagonia´s captivating landscape again.

We have put together three wonderful fibres to create it: 50% merino ultrafine (RWS certified), 40% alpaca and 10% yak.  

Our merino wool is of course mulesing-free and comes from Argentina (Patagonia). Its fibre fineness is 17.5 microns, i.e. “ultra-fine”.  It is RWS certified which means that the animals are kept according to ecological standards and no toxic bleaching or other chemicals may be used in the manufacture of the yarn.

The extremely soft and delicate fibres of the alpaca come from the first shearing of young animals from the Andean highlands of Peru. Although the fine, light yarn has a light halo, it does not pill. It has excellent heat-regulating properties and is extremely soft on the skin.  Because alpaca hardly contains any lanolin, it is suitable for people who are allergic to wool.

 Finally, the fine portion of yak wool in the yarn comes from Mongolia - its fineness is around 16 microns.

 These three fibres come together to create the perfect yarn: the merino wool makes it soft and bouncy, the alpaca gives it its shine and drape, and the 10% yak adds a touch of luxury and provides warmth. And just like the Calafate berries, this yarn will enchant you!  It is after all a luxurious, irresistibly light, soft, very breathable yarn that will be sure to inspire many projects such as soft, warm hats, flattering hand warmers, shawls and scarves or wonderful cardigans and pullovers.

Available now in a natural Ecru Colour.


We recommend washing your knitwear from Calafate  by hand in lukewarm water with a mild wool detergent. Dry flat, preferably on a terry towel, to keep its shape.
Please do not dry it on a heat source or in the sun!  Read more about wool care in our blogpost HERE