Designed by Pascuali filati naturali

Skill level: Intermediate

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Product information

This jacket knitted with Cairo 4, a very luxurious yarn, is incredibly soft!

The front and back of the jacket are knitted in a large moss stitch with a wide hip yoke in a rib and cable pattern, which pulls up slightly at the front edges. A plait surrounds the neckline and continues over the hip yoke with the integrated pockets around the jacket. The sleeves show a subtle but decorative weave pattern.

Our Cairo 4 yarn is the renaissance of camel wool, but not as a finished coat or jacket, but as a basis for your own knitting ideas. The camel's coat consists of under, middle and guard hair. The camel undercoat feels very soft on the skin. It is comparable to cashmere fibres. The fibre diameter of the undercoat is 16 to 20 microns, while the diameter of the middle layer hair is between 20 and 29 microns. Cairo 4 is won from the soft under coat of young camels (baby camels) to produce a  firm soft, evenly spun yarn.  It is, therefore, recommended for people with sensitive skin.

The pattern in "The Knitter" magazine is for sizes 42-46!

Kit content

<p>18 x 50g <a href="" target="_blank">Pascuali&nbsp;Cairo 4 </a>(100% camel wool) in the colour of your choice<br />The Knitter magazine&nbsp;28/16 (including knitting pattern)</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>Knitting needles 9 US | 5 UK (5.5 mm)<br />Tapestry&nbsp;needle<br />Stitch markers</p>

How do I get the pattern?

<p>The pattern for the long jacket "Dschamal" can be found as a Pascuali exclusive model in issue 28/16 of The Knitter.</p>