Designed by Bettina Wienecke

Construction: knitted
Skill level: Intermediate
Pattern language: German
Measurement/Size: 20" x 67" (170 x 50 cm)
Used yarn:
Needle: 4 mm | 6 US

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The design "Caipirinha" is the third shawl from the "Cocktail Wonders" shawl series by Bettina Wienecke. It is knitted as a semicircular shawl. The increases are made with yarn overs on both sides and in the centre of the pattern. An I-Cord edge is knitted on both sides, so that the end pieces of contrasting yarns can be easily hidden. 

The pattern is very easy and quick to knit. The colour changes bring variety. It is a very suitable  for an "on the go project" because it does not require a complicated scheme or much concentration.

Saffira is a combination of ultra-fine merino wool and mulberry silk with a  length of 218 yds meters per 50 grams.

Once blocked, the shawl has a length  of approximately 20" and a wingspan of  67".

The yarns used were hand-dyed by Bettina Wienecke and are not included in the standard range of yarns. 

If you are looking for the knitting kit including pattern and yarn, get it HERE.


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