Designed by Pascuali filati naturali and Ocean&Yarn
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Pascuali Collezioni - Book 3 

Welcome to spring! The freshness of spring and the warmth that comes along with summer have inspired the patterns in our third edition of Pascuali Collezioni Book 3. We have designed 16 timeless adult patterns with our natural yarns, all of which promise lightness for the summer. We play not only with colours, but also with lace stitches and textured patterns that highlight the qualities of our yarns.

As in the previous editions Book 1, Book 2 and Kids 1, the patterns in the current collection are almost all knitted without seams. The advantages of seamless knitting as well as some of the most common techniques are presented in a special article in the magazine.

The patterns in Collezioni 3 are modern, but not geared towards short-lived trends. They are sophisticated, yet suitable for everyday use.  Above all, they are timeless. This creates clothes and accessories that are not fashionable ephemera, but that you will enjoy for years to come.

Photos as well as a brief summary of the special features of each pattern are included. The pattern instructions are described in detail along with charts and dimensions. As you may already know from the first two Collezioni books, the magazine itself does not contain any patterns. These can all be downloaded from Ravelry or from the Pascuali online shop. For the download, there is rub-off code at the back of the magazine, which grants access to all patterns. This saves printing, transport costs and paper.  It is, therefore, entirely in line with our sustainability concept.

For the publication date of the new issue, we have expanded our colour palette so that you knit every pattern in your favourite colours:

In addition to the natural colours of our alpaca-cotton blend Puno, we are introducing Puno Winikunka which comes in 20 bright new colours; Nepal, our vegan yarn, is also starting the new knitting season with a revised colour palette of 25 shades.  Both yarns are of course showcased in the designs of Collezioni 3.

Last but not least, in this issue we are featuring a guest designer: Joining us this time is Kathrin Pohnke known as Oceanandyarn. The feather-light lace shawl LALITA was created with Pascuali Suave - completely in the style of Oceanandyarn. A short portrait of Kathrin can also be found in the magazine.

You can order each of the patterns separately, of course:

Patterns for Pascuali Collezioni Book 3

There is a kit for each model, consisting of the pattern and the required amount of yarn:

Knitting kits for Pascuali Collezioni book 3

How do I get the pattern?

<p>There is a rub-off code in the magazine, which you can enter at or at You will also receive all patterns&nbsp;as a PDF in English and German. The code can be found on pages 52/53.</p>