Bestseller Yarns, Wool & Knitting Pattern

Handknitting Kit for Shawl Whiteout

Design: Melanie Berg

If you like to lose yourself in the rhythms of knitting, this project will be right for you. The shawl is worked from tip to edge and starts with simple lines of garter stitch before it continues with an intricate, repetitive flurries of crystalline lace pattern. The parts with the garter stitch won‘t be boring and allow your eyes and mind to relax because they are knitted in stripes.

Nepal: A yarn of cotton, linen and stinging-nettle fibers.

Nepal is a soft, all-season yarn; its combination of linen and stinging-nettle fibers makes it light and grippy at the same time, and is wonderfully suited for cardigans as well as towels. This versatile material impresses through its extremely natural, expressive, and lively colors, in addition to a pleasant feel to the skin.

Pascuali Suave | It is a cotton yarn with cashmere feeling

When looking for a solution for allergies and vegans alike, you become extremely creative.

Then how about a yarn that feels like cashmere and yet does not possess of animal hair, but should also both warm and cool in the summer?

Pinta . Yarn from wool, silk and ramie

For those people who avoid wearing synthetic fibers or just do not like them, we can offer the best combination of the natural fibers for durable, practical and wonderful socks.

The wool share in the yarn warms in winter, ramie build water absorbency and silk confers to the material a light glance and elasticity. This combination gives you incredible pleasurable sensation by wearing a product knitted of this yarn.