Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Suave - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Suave

Many people automatically think of potholders when they think of pure cotton yarn. 
And then there is  Suave.

By Claudia Ostrop 

Pascuali Suave is a real specialty among pure cotton yarns because the fibres are not spun as usual: a kind of cotton mesh tube, barely visible to the naked eye, holds the loose fibres together. the structure of Suave is a particularly light wicking yarn. Best of all, it is organic.

The fluffy 25 g ball lies delicately on your hand - almost like a large cotton ball. If you take the between your fingers, you realize it has almost no weight at all.

Although the yarn is not particularly thin, the delicate 25 g ball is a whopping 177 yds long - no wonder, for the fibre is so light! The recommended needle size is  3 US | 10 UK, but as always, of course, you have to try out which needle (size) you like best.

So cast on some stitches and start knitting! Knitting suave is really unusual at the beginning - the yarn is so light and delicate that you have the feeling that you have nothing in your hands except the needles. But despite the fluffiness, Suave glides nicely over the needle and you quickly knit a piece of delicate fleece which is light and soft as a cloud!

Knitting in stockinette pattern is not completely even at first. Once its washed and blocked, the yarn blooms and the dried garment looks very nice and smooth. What makes this yarn quite peculiar is the following: Once you`ve washed it, carefully (!) brush it with a clothes brush, and thus make it even more fluffy and warm.  A vegan yarn that almost feels like like mohair!

If you prefer it to be smooth, you can carefully iron your Suave knitwear with a cool iron: the cotton fibres fall nicely into place making the piece cooler. A sweater which has been handled like this can be worn comfortably in the summer.  

Suave is perfect for light garments such as sweaters and cardigans, but is also great for scarves and shawls due to its great drape. And because it is so light, it can also knit well with multiple threads - for quick results and an extra portion of softness. Suave is a great alternative for people with allergies to wool and vegans.

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