Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Nepal – neu!

Putting the Spotlight on: New Nepal!

Nepal? It´s been in our collection forever! If you're wondering why we are writing about it again, please don't stop reading, because there's news!
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By Claudia Ostrop

Nepal? It´s been in our collection forever! If you're wondering why we are writing about it again, please don't stop reading, because there's news!

Nepal is indeed a perennial favourite in the Pascuali range. However, as vegan yarns are becoming increasingly important for more and more knitters, it was only logical for us to give this classic yarn a makeover. We've now removed the nettle component, and thus the new Nepal presents itself as a wonderful blend of 60% cotton and 40% linen. The linen is sourced from China, while the cotton comes from Italy through controlled organic farming practices and is, therfore, GOTS-certified. Both fibres are also spun in Italy.

It is a Fine/Sport yarn with a length of 197 yds (180 m) per 50 g.

The new Nepal comes in 50 g skeins. The special twist is immediately noticeable: it gives the yarn an exceptionally beautiful, natural structure. It has a delicate sheen, and the colours are very natural and vibrant.

Speaking of colours: The number of colours available for the new Nepal has almost doubled compared to the previous version: you have the kuxury of choosing between a total of 30 different shades. Light or dark, pastel-soft or vibrantly colourful - and always very natural-looking.

Due to the linen content, Nepal has quite a firm grip. Despite its uneven structure, the yarn can be wound quickly into a ball. So let's get started right away!

Recommended needle sizes are 3 – 6 US (3 to 4 mm), but these are always just rough guidelines. Depending on how tightly you knit (or how you prefer the knitted fabric to look!), it's best to try out several needle sizes.

Knitters accustomed to working with soft yarns like merino may find their first stitches with Nepal a tad unconventional: the yarn initially feels rough yet far from rigid. However, adjusting to its sturdier texture comes swiftly. As you continue knitting, you'll observe the fabric softening with each movement. Working with Nepal is effortless, and the resulting stitch pattern, particularly in simple stocking stitch, has a captivating beauty owing to its unique structure.

While it's true that you can knit textured patterns with Nepal, such intricate designs may not be necessary. This exceptional yarn speaks for itself, and complex patterns could overshadow its inherent beauty. With Nepal, you can knit according to the motto "less is more" allowing the yarn's natural elegance to shine through effortlessly.

Cotton and linen lend themselves exceptionally well to knit lightweight summer tops, thanks to their breathable properties that ensure comfort even in soaring temperatures. Linen, in particular, offers excellent air circulation, keeping the wearer cool and refreshed.

So, is Nepal purely a summer yarn?

Absolutely not! Nepal has the potential to transform into a delightfully warm fabric when paired with another yarn. A superb blend is achieved with Nepal and Suave. When combined with our plush (organic) cotton yarn, Nepal produces a superb stitch pattern. The resulting fabric is luxuriously thick and snug, all while remaining vegan-friendly! Ideal for knitting a beloved sweater that can be worn throughout the year - perhaps you'd consider our Rana pattern?


Another perfect pairing is Nepal and Mohair Bliss. Here, the age-old saying "opposites attract" truly rings true. The sturdy, textured Nepal, combined with the delicate, fluffy Mohair Bliss, results in an exquisitely soft fabric. If traditional wool blends with Mohair prove too warm for your liking, Nepal paired with Mohair Bliss will be a delightful alternative!

Manada is another yarn that complements Nepal beautifully. Manada contributes softness and fluffiness, while Nepal offers stability. Similar to Mohair Bliss, Nepal pairs seamlessly with Manada. Take a look at the Bolero Aninda - what do you think?

One final note: Despite the change in Nepal's composition, all other essential details remain exactly the same: Yarn weight, length, gauge, and recommended needle size(s). This means that you can use all the patterns designed for the original Nepal with the new version as well. Whether it's a vibrant striped jumper, a breezy summer dress, or  a light and airy pair of shorts - or any of the numerous fantastic patterns tailored for this exceptional yarn - the possibilities are endless!

Nepal is now available in our shop.


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