Herbstzeit, Strickzeit – und eine neue Ausgabe aus der Collezioni-Reihe! 

Autumn is knitting time

Do you also love autumn so much? Aren't you looking forward to cozy knitting evenings on the sofa? So you don't lack inspiration, Collezioni 2 is launching: A magazine full of knitting designs suitable for the cold season.
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By Pascuali

Are you a fan of Autumn as well? The days get shorter with the sun rising later and setting earlier. Outside, nature is preparing for its colourful finale of the year with bright blue skies along with a few warm days. It's nice, isn´t it? Everything takes on a slower pace and becomes more homely again. Aren't you looking forward to those cosy knitting evenings on the sofa? And what better way to get inspired than by flipping through Collezioni 2: A magazine full of designs for knitting projects suitable for the cold season.

After the premiere of “Pascuali Collezioni Book 1” in January and Kids 1 magazine with patterns for the little ones in the summer, the third Collezioni magazine, “Pascuali Collezioni Book 2” will be published on September 28th. This edition with designs for adults includes 21 pattterns for women and men. The entire collection was conceived by Pascuali designers and two external knitting designers each of whom contributed with an orginal and exclusive pattern: Sandra Fischer alias Strickfisch and Fabienne Schulte, better known as Pink Zombie.  

The magazine will be available on our online shop as well as at Pascuali partner shops online and on site as of September 28, 2020.  

21 Wonderful New Patterns

In “Book 2” of the Pascuali-Collezioni series you will find a variety of designs. From wrist warmers, gloves, scarves and hats to sweaters and cardigans all of which are perfect for the cold season. Headbands, a skirt and a knitted coat can also be found in this special collection. 

All patterns are, of course, knitted with our yarns. We paid special attention to make sure that all the patterns follow the current trend and are, therefore, (almost all) seamless and knit from top to bottom or the other way around. 

You will find patterns that are absolutely suitable for beginners, but also a few for which a little experience in knitting is required. We have small projects that can be completed in a few hours as well as larger projects that can provide several weeks of knitting fun. Solid one colour designs alternate with multi-coloured ones; simple stockinette stitches contrasts with textured patterns throughout. Heavy and light weight yarns are used as well.  So, there is something for every taste! 

We put great value on modern, yet timeless designs that you can wear as long as possible. So we refrain from designing fashionable patterns that will be short-lived. 

Organic Cashmere

Some of the patterns in the current issue are knitted with Cashmere Lace, Cashmere 6/28 and Cashmere Worsted. These Pascuali cashmere yarns have recently been organically certified. We take this as an opportunity to tell you a little bit about our cashmere. Where does our cashmere  come from? How is it processed?  What are the downsides of cashmere production and what do we do about it?  You can read about this and other interesting facts in the article in the current issue of “Pascuali Collezioni Book 2”. 

For Our Environment - The Conscious Use of Raw Materials 

The Collezioni magazines are not your "normal" pattern magazines. They are printed in very high quality paper with professional and harmonious photographs, in particularly strong paper so that you can look through them over and over again without them soon being dog-eared or creased. 

Since our patterns are written in great detail and are available in German and English, the amount of paper we would have to use to offer them in printed form would be immense. With a bilingual magazine like Collezioni, at least one pattern in one of the  languages will always be superfluous to you. And maybe a printed copy of every single pattern is not always necessary.  

Because we are environmentally conscious and are aware of our responsibility towards our planet and future generations, we have decided to make all patterns available online only. 

All Patterns as PDF Downloads 

So how do you get the individual patterns? That is quite easy! 

In the back of the magazine you will find a scratch off code. 

If you want to load the instructions onto your Ravelry library, enter "Pascuali Collezioni Book 2" in the search box. When you have found the eBook, click "Buy Now" to put it in your shopping cart. In the window that will then open, there  is a field "use a coupon code": Enter the code and then click on "apply". The price shown should be 0 €. Click on "check out now" and then all patterns, in German and in English, will be loaded into your library. From there, you can download it onto your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and print it out if you´d like. In this way, you will have access to the pattern anywhere you go, no matter where you are. If you have saved the patterns in the Ravelry library, you will also automatically receive updates or corrections when necessary. 

If you don't have Acess to Ravelry or don't want to use Ravelry, you can get the pattern in our shop: Simply put the “Collezioni 2” eBook in the shopping cart and enter the scratched code from the paper version in the “Enter voucher code” field. Click on "Redeem" and the price for the eBook will go to zero. 

If you want to do without paper entirely, you can of course just buy the eBook

In both cases, after completing your purchase, you will receive an email with the entire magazine as a PDF and another email with all the patterns attached as PDF. Unfortunately, if you choose this option, we cannot provide you with any later updates. 

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