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Let's Get Colourful!

The simplest way to introduce some colour is through stripes. But why stop there? Today, we'll introduce you to three techniques to knit the most beautiful multicoloured patterns.
Aus einem Guss? Verbinden von Strick(einzel)teilen - Pascuali

Seamless Elegance: Mastering the Art of Joining Knitted Pieces

Numerous techniques exist for connecting knitted pieces, and the choice depends on personal preferences and, of course, the nature of the project. Below, we introduce some of the most common method...
Kostenlose Anleitung: Kosmetikpads häkeln - Pascuali

Free Tutorial: Crocheting Cosmetic Pads

Did you know that more than 9 million cleansing wipes are used and discarded every day? That's a significant amount of waste! What could be more fitting than crocheting your own cosmetic pads?
Sockenstricken – kein Grund, kalte Füße zu bekommen - Pascuali

Sock Knitting: Say goodbye to chilly toes

With over 55,000 results for sock patterns on Ravelry, how do you choose the perfect one? While most socks share a basic foot-shaped form, there are countless ways to create them. In this guide, we...
Gestrickt und zugeknöpft! Wie strickt man Knopflöcher? - Pascuali

Knitting Buttonholes – How to Do It

Buttonholes and buttons, they're everywhere on clothes, whether it's a shirt, blouse, cardigan, or trousers. And when we knit, we encounter button bands and those helpful holes. So let's dive into ...
Verkürzte Reihen – was, wie und warum? - Pascuali

Short Rows - What, How and Why?

Short rows are a clever way to change the shape and contour of a piece of knitting without increasing or decreasing stitches. With short rows you can bring three-dimensionality into a knitted piece...
Wie strickt man nach Strickschriften? - Pascuali

Knitting According to Charts

Regarding this topic, we have some good and some bad news. The good news is that charts can make knitting patterns a lot easier because they are like a map that illustrates how a pattern will look ...
Patentstricken – Next Level - Pascuali

Brioche Knitting – The Next Level

A little while ago, we published the first part on the subject of Brioche Knitting also known as English Rib Pattern. We introduced you to basic brioche, Fisherman´s Rib and Mock or Fake brioche a...
Patentmuster stricken – die Grundlagen - Pascuali

The Basics of Brioche Knitting

When it comes to the brioche stitch, opinions differ: It's often heard that brioche stitch is challenging. Different patterns? Basically, there are three different forms of brioche stitches: Full b...