A Cowl Especially for You: Endless Brioche Knitting Fun!!

von Pascuali filati naturali - 26 Nov, 2020

A Cowl Especially for You: Endless Brioche Knitting Fun!!

What is a cowl? 

What makes a cowl special is that it has no beginning and no end. A cowl is usually long enough to be worn around the neck. That distinguishes it from an infinity scarf which is also  a never ending circle and can be worn with a twist in loops around the neck. 
The nice thing about a cowl is not only that it is cozy and warm, but that you don't have to struggle with fluttering ends when it's windy. The cowl just stays where it belongs, namely on and around the neck! Would you like to knit one too? 

How to Knit a Cowl 

A cowl can either be knitted in the round or like a normal scarf in rows with the short ends sewn together.

All types of stitches can be used to knit a cowl: stockinette stitch, garter stitch, ribbed or cable stitch, monochrome or striped, Fair Isle - there are no limits to the imagination. A stitch that is particularly suitable for cowls is Brioche. This is similar to a rib pattern made of knit and purl stitches, but it is much more three-dimensional. The result is a particularly lush, spongy and extremely warm knitted garment!

Which Wool is Best for a Cowl?

Because our Baby Alpaca Los Andes is perfect for a cozy cowl, we have designed one specifically made with this fluffy, soft yarn: "Piero".  This cowl is the perfect accessory for the cold season! This heavy weight yarn is knitted using thick needles.  As a result, the cowl can be knit rather quickly.  It makes for a wonderful Holiday gift!  Speaking of gifts - read on, because at the end, a little surprise is awaiting you ...

The Brioche Stitch

We hear again and again that knitting Brioche is difficult, too complicated, something you wouldn't dare do ... All we can say is: “Do Dare!”  It is really easy and a lot of fun.  It`s only about knit stitches, purl stitches, yarn overs and slipped stitches.

"Piero" is knitted entirely in half Brioche. Here we explain it to you step by step!

How to Knit the Brioche Stitch 

“Piero” is knitted in half Brioche stitch in the round.  This is how the half brioche stitch is done in the round:

Once you have casted on the required number of stitches, join in the round and off you go: 

The 1st stitch on the needle is slipped off together with a yarn over as if to purl: The working yarn is placed in front of the left needle and then the right needle is inserted into the next stitch as for purl knitting, i.e. from the right. The stitch with the yarn over is lifted onto the right needle. This double stitch is the brioche stitch. Now hold the working yarn behind the work again so that the yarn over does not slip away. 

The 2nd stitch on the needle is purled.

The following stitch is knitted as a brioche stitch like the 1st stitch, the next one is purl and so on: * 1 brioche stitch, 1 purl stitch* alternating until the end of the round.

In the 2nd round the brioche stitch from the previous round is knitted, i.e. the yarn over and the slipped stitch are knitted together. The next stitch is purl and so it goes on alternately for the rest of the round. * Knit the brioche stitch together, purl 1 *.

These two rounds are now repeated over and over again. As you can see, knitting half Brioche is not difficult at all! 

Free knitting Cowl Pattern!

We hope we got you interested in knitting Brioche.  Therefore, we would like to give you the pattern for “Piero” for free!


Have fun knitting - we would be happy if you showed us your “Piero”! Link us on Instagram @pascuali_filati_naturali, post it in our Facebook group Strick mit! ...Pascuali  or start a project on Ravelry!