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Start this new knitting season with a bit of mystery!

von Pascuali filati naturali - 12 Aug, 2020

Start this new knitting season with a bit of mystery!

Are you in the mood for a bit of a thrill? Then you've come to the right place because there is something mysterious about this project.  No, don't worry, it's not scary at all:

Julia-Maria Hegenbart, whose label, "Feinmotorik" you probably already know will be doing a Mystery Knitalong. Four great hand dyeers are in charge of dying the yarn, namely Nicole from “Buntwurm”, Tina from “Färbeherz”, Meike from “Skudderia” and Julie from “Wollkörbchen”.  And, of course, we are also taking part with our Pascuali yarns!

So, what exactly is a Mystery Knitalong (Mystery KAL or MKAL) all about? 

A Knitalong is where a group of knitters knit a mystery pattern at the same time.  It is a mystery because you do not know what the end project will look like. At the beginning, the only information you have is a general idea of what it will be (i.e., a hat, socks, a scarf or something else) and how much and what wool you will need for it. The pattern is broken down into a series of sections or clues which are gradually published. So, you knit the whole project in stages within a given timeframe. 

Friday, 28.08.2020 release pattern part 1
Friday, 04.09.2020 release pattern part 2
Friday, 11.09.2020 release pattern part 3
Friday, 18.09.2020 release pattern part 4
Friday, 25.09.2020 release pattern part 5

Where can you find this KAL group? You can find us on Ravelry, Facebook and Instagram - the links are below.

Julia-Maria Hegenbart "Frau Feinmotorik" as she is known, designs knitting patterns for wonderful garments and has published various books with her designs. For this MKAL she has created a fabulous triangular shawl called "Upside Down” in three different colours which is knitted with our super soft Merino Baby.

Our dyers have specifically conjured a set of unique colours for our Merino Baby for this MKAL "Upside Down” shawl.  The first part of the pattern will be released on August 28, 2020.  So, you can get started right away, the hand coloured kits will be available from August 14th to August 17th only on our Facebook group.

As of now you, can also order Merino Baby kits for the "Upside Down” shawl in the regular colours directly in our shop KIT UPSIDE DOWN. And, of course, you can get all the colours individually or from one of our numerous Pascuali partners.

If you would like to knit the "Upside Down” shawl with a different yarn, you can use Pinta, Balayage, Forest, Saffira, Cumbria and Nepal, to name just a few alternatives. Any yarn with a  fingering weight is suitable for this project because you do not need to have an exact gauge swatch in order to knit it.

For the "Upside Down” shawl, you will need 150g (3 balls) of the main colour and 100 g (2 balls) of each of the two contrasting colours. In her design, Julia used 83g /368 m in colour A, 150 g / 660 m in colour B and 98 g / 428 m in colour C of Merino Baby.

How do you get the pattern?

On August 28, 2020 and on the following four Fridays at 6:00 a.m. (the early bird catches the worm!), Julia will publish the latest pattern section for free on her Ravelry shop.

It gets even easier!

Do not miss any part of the pattern by simply subscribing to our newsletter! Register here and all the parts of the pattern will be waiting for you in your inbox right on time!


If you knit the "Upside Down” shawl with Pascuali yarns (which we would of course be very happy about!), then you can join the MKAL on our Facebook group "Strick mit! ... Pascuali". Show photos of your knitting progress, ask questions, chat - just have fun knitting together at a distance! Please understand that you can only exchange information with each other if you use Pascuali yarns.

You can post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #UpsideDownShawl.  Link @pascuali_filati_naturali and @feinmotorik.blogspot in pictures and text so that we can find your work as well. 

And then, of course, there is also the Ravelry group "designs by Feinmotorik" for the Mystery-KAL, where you can exchange ideas about your joint project and post your pictures. To do this, create a project for the "Upside Down” shawl and link it to the design. This is how your shawl is found and you can admire the progress (and results) of the others.

We wish you lots of fun knitting!