Interview With ChrisBerlin

von Sandra Sonnenburg - 8 Sep, 2022

Interview With ChrisBerlin

We´ve had the pleasure to talk with Christiane from Chrisberlin.knits about her designs and what inspires her. 

Christiane is originally from Berlin. She designs clothing and accessories in a clear language and mostly in natural tones. Her designs are timelessly beautiful and easy to combine. Almost all patterns by Chrisberlin are knitted seamlessly in one piece. Although some are constructed in a very sophisticated way, they are all relatively easy to knit because the instructions are written in a way that is simple to understand. 

Christiane has created a number of designs using our yarns (e.g. the Trollslända cardigan with Baby Alpaca Los Andes, the X-Factor shawl with Organic Cashmere 6/28 and the Trifle scarf with Balayage). 

Christiane is our guest designer in our new winter collection, Collezioni Book 6.  She has designed the MOEMA cape which is the reason why we have asked her to join us for an interview today.  

Thank you, Christiane, for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. 

Please tell us how you became interested in knitting and who taught you. 

All the women in my family did needlework. From a young age, I became familiar with the various techniques of crocheting, knotting, embroidering, knitting and sewing.  

Do you remember what your very first knitting project was? 

That must have been something I made with a knitting spool - probably a small bag. It consisted of two plates and then a snake as a strap.  

Tell is a little bit about what defines your style? 

I like clear cuts with lines. The knitted pieces should be easy to wear. What thant means to me is that it should not be too thick; preferably light.  

Did you "always" want to become a designer?  How did it actually come about? 

Yes, I actually always wanted to be a designer. By the time I was 14, I had already tailored and knitted my entire wardrobe myself. Since I am very tall (1.80 m), there was no suitable clothing for me at the time. Sleeves and pant legs were always way too short. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to go on to study, so I ended up in a more business and IT-related profession.  

How has your life changed since you started designing? 

It has showed me that - no matter how old you are - you can give life a new twist. Today, I can live out my creativity and bring in the experience and knowledge I gained in my first professional field.  
Tell us a bit about how you go about designing a piece. 
Usually, what inspires me is the yarn itself when I first swatch with it. I also like experimenting by mixing yarns to get other effects or textures.   

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Of course, I look at the current fashion trends – that has interested me all my life. But I'm often a bit ahead of the curve with my designs.  
Which of our yarns is your favourite and why? 
It is currently Manada, which I also use in the MOEMA design shown here. I knit Manada together with Puno, which is very clear, stable and a bit thinner. Manada is the connecting element: It is laid over Puno like a kind of filter, and the result is a light, stable and very soft fabric.  

Do you have a favorite fibre? 

Anything cuddly.  

How did MOEMA, in Collezioni Book 6 come about? 

I fell in love with the beautiful natural tones of the Puno so much which incidentally are all named after trees. But when I swatched with it, I just thought there was something missing. Good thing I still had a small sample of Manada on hand. And, hey, it was the perfect blend! 
When I looked at the swatch, it made me think of a forest against the light. The structure of the pattern reminded me of the bark of a tree. So, the cape is a Puno forest in the evening sun.  

Can you give us a little preview? What can your fans look forward to next? 

There will be another design in the fall that will feature Manada, I don't want to reveal more just yet.  

And finally, a question outside of the world of knitting: what do you love to do when you're not knitting? 

I love to travel.  I also like to go on my bike and explore my surroundings taking pictures of things I find appealing and interesting. 

It was a pleasure talking to you Christiane! We look forward to seeing a lot more of your beautiful designs with our yarns, of course! 

You can find Chrisberlin here on Ravelry and Instagram.