Knit to Keep Your Sanity During the Corona Virus Time.

von Pascuali filati naturali - 4 Apr, 2020

Knit to Keep Your Sanity During the Corona Virus Time.

At the moment, the world seems to be upside down. Or is it rather quiet? The spread of the corona virus has taken hold of people's lives and our everyday life. At least we as crafters have a passion that is perfect for the many hours we now have to spend at home and in social distance.

Working from home, closed shops, closed schools and kindergartens, cancelled events, homeschooling - all this demands a lot from us. But this is how we can contain, or at least slowdown the speed at which the corona virus spreads. Many of us probably are spending an unusual amount of time at home. When suddenly whole families are permanently hanging together, it can be quite exhausting. But there's no other choice at the moment - so how about we make the best of it?

And let's face it – knitting, crocheting and all kinds of handcrafts are just the perfect way to spend those long hours at home! Knitting is relaxing because the steady rhythm in which we move our hands can bring our thoughts to rest and ground us. It’s a wonderful way to  be challenged and it builds a sense of satisfaction and gratification. In addition, there is a large, active online knitting community where you can chat virtually and quickly be in touch with people. 

If you would like to replenish your stash, no problem! The Pascuali team is here for you! As long as shipping companies are working, we will ship your packages as usual. 

Teach Children How to Knit!

How about using the extra time with your children at home for some creative activities? Do your children already know how to knit or crochet? Now would be a good time to pass on this wonderful hobby! Using a relatively thick yarn and matching needles, the kids will quickly have a sense of success. Once they've got the hang of it, there are lots of mini-projects that even knitting novices can easily handle. How about washcloths or pot holders, cup sleeves, egg warmers or hair bands? Who knows, maybe this will ignite a spark and your children will get hooked to knitting! With a little practice, wouldn't a scarf or a hat be a nice little project? 

Take a look at our shop. Absolutely suitable for beginners is the Isy hat.  It is available as a kit, consisting of instructions and the super fluffy cotton yarn Suave - if you´d like, you can order the matching (relatively thick!) knitting needles. 

Or perhaps something for the neck? Our Loop Malaga is knitted with recycled cotton and worked with thick needles. It is nice, light and airy; also suitable for summer. The kit comes with instructions and yarn in two different colours. 

Something New from Time to Time!

And if the children are now knitting comfortably, then why not treating yourself to something nice as well? In the Pascuali online shop, you will find numerous projects to match just about every taste. How about a pattern from our Pascuali Collezioni magazine?

Nima is a wonderfully casual cardigan with three-quarter sleeves. The kit comes with the pattern along with the right amount of our Nepal yarn, a light blend of cotton, nettle and linen. 

Summer will soon be here: Miranda is a short, tight-fitting skirt made of Pinta, a robust yet wonderfully soft silk-ramie-merino blend. All you have to do is choose one of the many beautiful colours available for the kit!

The sleeveless Reneta top is knitted from our cotton-bamboo blend Cumbria - relaxed fit and perfect for hot days. This is, of course, also available as a kit including the pattern. 

So far, we have mentioned some easy and fun ideas for the kids, and a few great knitting projects for women, but how about ideas for men? The Navin pullover is knitted from recycled cotton, the structure of which gives this simple raglan sweater that certain extra touch.

We hope we´ve successfully inspired you to start a fun knitting project that will help you relax and be entertained during this time. Maybe this will become a new hobby for some children and you will create some new knitwear for yourself or someone you love? No matter what, take care and stay healthy!