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Putting the Spotlight on: Nepal

von Claudia Ostrop - 21 Apr, 2022

Putting the Spotlight on: Nepal

If the terms delicate and soft don´t automatically pop up in your head when thinking of a linen, nettle and cotton blend, you need to give Nepal a try. The yarn with its irregular structure, is offered in fine 50 g hanks.  It has a pleasant feel and is surprisingly soft with a delicate sheen and a discreet shimmer.


This wonderful vegan yarn is made of 60 percent organic cotton, 28 percent linen and 12 percent nettle from Nepal – therefore, it´s name.


Due to the different materials and the long nettle fibers, which pop out of the twist here and there, the colouring of the thread is very natural and lively. The palette of 17 colours covers the entire spectrum from light to dark and delicate to strong.


Nepal is a Fine/Sport yarn which comes in hanks of 50 g with a length of 197 yds.  Despite its structure, it is very smooth and can be wound into a ball without problem. The recommended needle size is 6 US | 9-11 UK.  It´s a good idea to make a gauge swatch before starting your project to get the desired tension.



Already when casting on, and despite the fact that the yarns structure gives a different impression, you can see how easily it slides on the needles. Knitting the first few rows is a very smooth process.  The yarn beautifully twisted and does not split when knitting. When knit in stockinette stitch, the different fibres that make up this yarn really come to light. You can certainly knit textured patterns with Nepal, but a knitted piece made of this great yarn does not need them at all - complicated patterns would almost steal the show. You might want to knit a top with a subtle lace pattern instead of classic cuffs? Nepal is also perfectly suitable for combining several colours. A striped sweater, for example, would be a fun project!


The fibre blend in Nepal results in a light and airy knit that is very comfortable to wear directly on the skin. It is ideal for shawls or summer tops because cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe well even at high temperatures. The nettle fiber adds on a special silky sheen and soft feel, the perfect fit for airy summer garments. 


Nepal is a sturdy, hard wearing yarn.  Garments made with it can even be washed in the washing machine - but please use a gentle cycle!


So, would you like to try it out? You can find Nepal here in our shop.