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Putting the Spotlight on ... Manada as a pairing yarn

von Claudia Ostrop - 21 Sep, 2021

Putting the Spotlight on ... Manada as a pairing yarn

We have already introduced our mohair yarn Manada in more detail and reported on how it is to knit with it. Manada is not only a great yarn to knit by itself; It also plays a big role as a pairing yarn!

We knitted Manada together with 18 yarns from our range and we´d like to share the results with you! 

Manada can add a very nice halo to a smooth yarn.  Knitting a light weight yarn together with Manada can replace a heavier one. While pairing Manada with a second yarn of a similar colour, it may not even be noticeable that the knitting was double stranded. You will, however, have simply created your very own "new" yarn. You can also achieve great effects that are reminiscent of the liveliness of hand-dyed yarns.

How about blending different colours to create contrasts or add a special halo? Gray and white or black and grey, for example, create a great tweed character. Perhaps you´d like something more colourful? Pink and red? Playing around
with colour pairing can create something unique.  There are no limits to your imagination. 

Do you feel like knitting Manada with another yarn? To make the decision a little easier for you (and to inspire you), we have tested different yarn combinations to tell you which pairs we like the best. 


Manada Combined with Other Yarns from Our Range


All Combinations at a Glance

Here, we show all combinations individually and with a picture. The first colour number is always that of Manada, the second that of the other yarn.


Sorted by Swatch Samples

Here we have sorted the combinations according to their gauge:

17 - 18 sts per 4”/10 cm (according to yarn weight Worsted / Medium)

Cashmere Worsted & Manada, Re-Jeans & Manada

20 - 22 sts per 4”/10 cm (according to yarn weight DK / Light)

Cumbria & Manada, Sole & Manada, Nepal & Manada, Tibetan & Manada, Puno Winikunka & Manada, Balayage & Manada, Cashmere 6/28 & Manada, Saffira & Manada, Suave & Manada

23 - 26 sts per 4”/10 cm (according to yarn weight Sport / Fine)

Forest & Manada, Merino Baby & Manada, Alpaca Lace & Manada, Pinta & Manada, Atlantis & Manada, Alpaca Royal & Manada, Cashmere Lace & Manada


Sorted According to Visual Aspects

What kind of effect would you like to achieve? And how does the combination feel?

Lustre and Halo: A Dream Couple

Combining Manada with a smooth, slightly shiny yarn, created a great effect. The two fibres create a beautiful texture.

Our favourite combinations are:

Tibetan & Manada, Cumbria & Manada, Puno Winikunka & Manada, Alpaca Royal & Manada, Alpaca Lace & Manada, Atlantis & Manada, Saffira & Manada, Pinta & Manada

Simply Wonderfully Soft

These pairs are really wonderfully soft and fluffy with a uniform fabric structure:

Cashmere Worsted & Manada, Cashmere 6/28 & Manada, Cashmere Lace & Manada, Balayage & Manada, Merino Baby & Manada, Suave & Manada

Robust and Delicate - Two Opposing Partners

You can also achieve great effects when combining Manada with a yarn that does not seem to be suitable at first because it is rather robust. The results, however, are surprisingly good!

Re-Jeans & Manada, Nepal & Manada, Sole & Manada


Although Manada is a very light yarn, the gauge changes when it is paired with another yarn! When knitting according to a pattern, please keep this in mind. To help you in your choice, we recommend our post on “How to Find the Right Yarn – Yarn Alternatives for Your Knitting Project”