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Putting the Spotlight on: Re-Jeans

von Claudia Ostrop - 21 Jan, 2022

Putting the Spotlight on: Re-Jeans

As ist name suggests, Re-Jeans comes from the manufacture of jeans. The basis for Re-Jeans is recycled cotton made out of denim: fabric residues are gradually dissolved and cleaned down to the individual fibres which are then mixed again and spun into a yarn.

Re-Jeans comes in a ball, but it has little to do with a "normal" cotton ball. The yarn is twisted three times; however, the individual threads are not 100 percent even. This results in a great structure which surprisingly enough is quite even. The yarn is very smooth and sturdy.

Re-Jeans comes in balls of 100 g with a length of 210 yds.  The recommended needle size is 7-8 US | 6-7 UK . As with every yarn this is just a guide. Please make your own gauge swatch sample to achieve the best result!  Sometimes even the material of the needles used can influence the subsequent knitting pattern.

Re-Jeans is a very pleasant yarn to work with. The yarn glides smoothly over the needles while casting on stitches and then while knitting each row. Because the needles used are relatively thick, progress is made quickly. The yarn knits smoothly without splitting, as simple cotton yarns sometimes do.  Knitting in stockinette stitch gives a wonderfully even piece that is  anything but boring due to the slightly structured yarn.  Ideal for tops without complicated patterns - the yarn can confidently be used to knit a whole sweater in one colour. Nevertheless, stripes shouldn´t be ruled out. You can choose from 14 different colours. Garment knitted with Re-Jeans are pleasantly firm, but without being “stiff”, as can easily happen with other cotton yarns.

Re-Jeans becomes more beautiful once it has been washed and blocked.  Please remember that is really important to dry the garment on a flat surface, preferably on a terry towel. Cotton usually absorbs a lot of water, and if you, for example, hung a wet sweater to dry, it would probably stretch out due to the weight of the water.

Re-Jeans is perfect for tops such as sweaters and cardigans that can be worn well in warm weather or in between seasons.  Scarves or shawls for summer and autumn can also be knitted or crocheted from this great recycled yarn.

So, how about it? Re-Jeans is available in 14 colours here in our shop. Or are you seeking for some more inspiration? No problem:

From left: The Sher shopper, men's pullover Navin, the Ivetta tunic and the Sencillo slipover.