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Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Lace

von Claudia Ostrop - 14 Jul, 2022

Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Lace

If you want something extremely delicate, take a look at our Alpaca Lace!  This luxurious yarn is spun from 100 percent Peruvian baby alpaca fibres and comes in 50 g (1.76 oz) hanks, with a yardage of 400 m (437 yds).  As a little extra something, each hank comes with a golden stitch marker ;-)

Despite being so fine, Alpaca Lace is a strong, hard wearing yarn.  The recommended needle size in 3 mm (US 2-3), but this is only a recommendation as, so often with lace patterns, the needle size used is larger than the recommended size.  The type of needles used, whether they are wooden, bamboo or metal can make a huge difference too.

Alpaca Lace is so smooth it glides beautifully between fingers and needles and is very easy to handle.  Despite its smoothness, it is not a slippery yarn, so there is no need to worry about stitches slipping off your needles half way through a complicated lace pattern!

Alpaca Lace has been developed to be used mainly for lace knitting.  Although if such a fine yarn was used for plain stockinette stitch, the resulting fabric would be stunning, and it would make an extremely light garment.  Once the finished item has been soaked and blocked, the true beauty of this yarn is revealed.  

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Alpaca Lace is perfect for knitting lacy shawls and scarves.  The result is an incredibly light, delicate and warm piece of knitwear.  Alpaca Lace is spun from 100 percent baby alpaca, which makes it exceptionally soft and perfect for those with the most sensitive skin and even babies!

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