We offer top-quality rare natural wool worldwide and at the same time support smaller farms and farmers. Newly developed, innovative, as well as vegan fibres are just as much a part of our portfolio as the rarest natural fibres in the world: Vicuña and Qiviut.



Knit to Keep Your Sanity During the Corona Virus Time.

At the moment, the world seems to be upside down. At least we as crafters have a passion that is perfect for the many hours we now have to spend at home and in social distance.

Relax your soul and mind by knitting...

Whether after a long working day, sitting in a waiting room, traveling on a train or just because: Knitting relaxes. The repetitious movement of the needles and yarn has a calming effect.

Putting the spotlight on… Cairo 4

Our camel wool Cairo 4 comes to you in small 50-g skeins. It consists of 100 percent baby camel wool. With 16 colors ranging from undyed to rosewood and from navy to black, you are spoilt for choice!

Caring for wool.

Wool care is actually quite simple! … as long as you follow a few simple rules. Let's first take a look at the reason why wool behaves differently from non-mammal fibers such as cotton when washed.


Wool for knitting by Pascuali: Natural wool and yarns from natural fibres

The german wool label Pascuali was founded in 2008 in Cologne. We are specialized in worldwide distribution and sales of knitting yarns from natural wool. All our products distinguish on high quality and meet the specific needs of our customers. We respect the environment and the hard hand work and exertion involved at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Knitting wool in sophisticated quality

For those who love knitting beautiful things from wool, we can offer a wide range of natural yarns. Very easily you can buy online high quality alpaca wool, yak and cashmere wool. Our yarn comes from all over the world and is a 100 percent natural product. To meet the social and ecological criteria for natural wool, we work together with manufacturers who produce sustainably. Besides cashmere wool we also offer exceptional knitting yarn from yak- and qiviut wool, bamboo and maize yarn.

Natural yarn by Pascuali: for all who value quality

We have a wide range of wool and yarns. All natural wool fibres have specific characteristics. For example maize yarn with its ligth antibacterial effects is ideally suitable for babys and allergy sufferers, while merino and alpaca wool are very warming. Our natural wool is available in many different colours and types. To get more information best have a look at our homepage and read more about the specific characteristics of different natural yarns.

Knitting yarns for resellers and designers

We offer yarns for resellers, designers and dyers.